Are we there yet?

Feb 28, 2009

After spending a glorious day in Hawaii, we faced the prospect of another full day of travel before arriving in DC. It was at this point I regretted buying the cheap cheap tickets. Note to self, next time spend the extra grand per person and fly direct to LA and then LA to DC…..we would have been there by now!

Instead we spent the day travelling in between Hawaii and DC transiting through Oakland. Arriving at Oakland airport we were all a little tired and it seems slightly delirious. Litte Roo went up to a total stranger and proceeded to pinch him on the bum (Australian for ass, not to be mistaken for a homeless person). I am not sure who was more shocked - the stranger to have just been groped by a 4 year old or Little Roo to discover the bum she had pinched did not belong to Big Roo. Coincidentally Little Roo seems to have lost the inclination to pinch bums since then.

After a quick change of clothes (as it was getting progressively colder the closer we got to our final destination) we boarded our final flight to DC. In this time of heightened security and paranoia Little Roo was invited inside the cockpit, the pilot even got out of his seat and offered it to Sheila....nice but slightly strange. My misconceptions about this country were already being shattered; maybe they are not as paranoid as first thought??

After 2 days of travel crossing 4 time zones and 3 time changes we finally arrived in Washington DC, it was a miserable looking December morning with rain and strong winds. To think we left a Sydney summer for this.

Big Roo's new boss had arrived to pick us up and we headed out into the cold with our layers on (I knew the effort I had spent trying to find thermals to buy in the midst of a raging Sydney summer would pay off) and loaded our entire possessions into the largest SUV the boss man could hire for the day. Next stop….home, well a temporary home in the shape of a serviced apartment.