Immigration troubles

Feb 27, 2009

It has been 14 months since we said goodbye to Sydney and started on our journey. We left on a Friday, having said all our goodbyes we boarded the plane at 6pm. After a charming TWO hour delay sitting on the tarmac our flight to Hawaii finally took off. Little Roo was a star traveler sleeping at all the right moments, we had the middle 4 seats to ourselves so she was able to sprawl across Big Roo and I in comfort.

Two airline meals and nine hours later we arrived in Hawaii, took our turn in the immigration queue and dutifully waited. Everybody seemed to be passing through fairly quickly so we had high hopes of hitting the beach in Waikiki within an hour but an hour later we were still standing at our designated cubicle with our immigration officer threatening us with the possibility of being sent to”The Room”. I am not sure what waited for us inside”The Room” but her tone suggested that it was best to be avoided. It seems the our new fancy E3 visas were posing a problem, firstly she had never heard of or seen this visa class before and it was not showing up on the database…brilliant! Secondly the dates on our visa did not match the dates in Big Roo's letter of offer and apparently this posed a serious dilemma…excellent!

After many a consultation with her immigration supervisors we narrowly avoided “The Room” and then it was a quick scan of our fingerprints, photos and we were allowed into the country. I guess we officially became EXPATRIATES.

We had taken so long to pass through immigration that our bags had been removed from the luggage carousel and stacked together (so much for intense security at airports). We spent a glorious 24 hours in Hawaii of which we slept 14 hours and spent a further 4 hours at the airport. We did manage to get lei-ed, squeeze in a swim at the beach, a sushi lunch and an all American dinner. We were happily munching through our first burger and fries experience at Dukes when Little Roo started nodding off to sleep and face planted into her plate. At that point we called it a day and retreated back to our hotel, the Royal Hawaiian, which I highly recommend for those that are not adverse to the color pink - pink building, pink towels, pink sheets, pink soap, you get the picture and great banana bread (not pink) which they just keep dropping off free to your room.

Pink enough for you?Suffice to say Sheila was in pink 4 year old ecstasy