It all started with an email

Feb 26, 2009

So how exactly did I get here? Life in Sydney was good…I liked it. It was summer, what was not to like. I find myself asking this question more and more.

It was all because I typed yes on a random email Big Roo sent. In future I should really refrain from making life altering decisions while at work and before my first morning coffee. Out of the blue Big Roo received an email from a consulting firm asking if he would be interested in pursuing a job opportunity in Washington DC. Being in the world of Defense, it was a fairly good location for him to be. He said yes, I said yes (Little Roo, our daughter said no but she quickly changed her mind when we told her it was the land of the Disney theme parks), two days letter he had an offer. One week later we were standing in line at the US consulate and there it was we had been approved for an E3 visa.

It was almost too easy…almost! There were the mountains of paperwork, forms and photographs (in odd sizes) and being shuffled from one queue to the next but all in all this E3 visa was good. See there are perks in being part of the Coalition of the Willing, we Aussies got our very own visa class. Not only could Big Roo work, but I was entitled to work and Little Roo was entitled to go to school.

I had never much paid attention to visas beforehand but it turns out that the “E-3 is a new visa for Australian nationals to work in specialty occupations in the U.S. It has many advantages over the other types of working visas, including the ability for spouses of E-3 recipients to apply for work authorization.” (Source: )