Car Free

Mar 14, 2009

Our life in the US is a car free environment. Not so much because we are greenies (but the impact on the environment is a further bonus) more because we are not permanent residents, just merely passing through. We did not feel a car was a wise or needed investment in the area that we live (plus the money we save is the money we now spend on travel – pretty good trade off).

In fact I think we have seen so much more of our neighborhood and surrounds because we do not have a car and must rely on our trusty old feet and public transport to get around our experience is most certainly different and I feel enhanced. Some of the people and sites that we have seen or meet along the way is by far a better substitute for the air conditioned comfort of a car.

Yes there have certainly been below freezing mornings making my way to drop Little Roo to the school bus or trying to get to work when I have dreamed of a nice warm environment of a car (especially the car seat warmers…mmm they are nice) but at the same time I am thankful I do not have to drive on crazy icy roads. Given I was raised in Australia and new to the concept of ice and snow, I am more thankful than envious that I am not driving on the wrong side of the road in those conditions.