Roller Derby

Mar 19, 2009

What is Roller Derby? As far as I am concerned it is girls on skates (old school, no rollerblades need apply)knocking each other out. The purpose and general rules of the game was and I must admit is still lost on me but I knew I had to go to a bout as soon as I was handed one of the flyer's. I am not sure if it was the vintage feel of the logo on the flyer (I am in marketing and I appreciate a good logo) or the lure of getting an "only in America" experience that had me convinced.

I have since learnt that we (we, Australians that is) do have Roller Derby teams but like with so many things I am more open to new experiences since moving to the US than I was back home. I guess back home in Australia I was stuck in my comfort zone content doing the things I do, Roller Derby was just not on the radar.

The location of DC Roller Derby is the US Army National Guard Armory which struck me as an interesting location choice. I was surprised at how kid-friendly the event was. Little Roo was immediately offered free face painting and tattoos of the temporary variety. Little Roo being the princess that she is declined to have any of the team logos painted onto her face but chose a princess crown design, simple yet classic.

It was nowhere near capacity so there was a lot of seat real estate to choose from. We did decide not to sit on the floor giving up the opportunity to get right up close and personal to the action. From the little I knew about Roller Derby I was sure I did not want my 5 year old to become a human mattress breaking the fall of the players (FYI - spectators who do end up providing some cushioning for fallen players score a prize).

Beer and snacks are available for purchase, but since we had already eaten we just settled in . The action was exciting even if I did not understand any of the rules. The promotional team was constantly doing the rounds throwing quirky promo items into the crowd. Since Little Roo (and she is the cutest little kangaroo in town) was with us we scored quite a load by the end of the evening.

The first game ended with a win to the local team the Cherry Blossom Bombshells and the half time entertainment came on - Hula Hooper's. I was slightly skeptical when they came out and was getting ready to take my bathroom break but as soon as they started I was mesmerized, as was Little Roo and Big Roo (unless it is beer or an Aussie meat pie he is usually not easily impressed). They had some serious moves and tricks without being sleazy.

The main event saw DC DemonCats vs Scare Force One. Complete with mascots, fanfare and fabulous "stage" names. Some of my personal favorite names from the night were Obitchuary, 28 Days - Ovary Action, Condoleezza Slice, Lois Slain……nice. Half way through the game Little Roo's patience was wearing thin so after picking up some further loot in the shape of DC RollerGirls merchandise we called it a night.

All up it was good clean fun. No loud or drunk yobbos (translation: uncouth or thuggish person, white trash). It was slightly long and late for little Roo but I would have no hesitation in recommending it to families and singles alike. Relatively cheap entry costing $12 per adult, Little Roos are free. Beers on the other hand cost $7 for a 16oz bottle.

DC Rollergirls have another game coming up on April 18th,
Word of advice sit through half time, the Hooper's were a highlight!