May 7, 2009

Following on from Cinco De Mayo after I enjoyed a Mexican beverage or two, I got to thinking about my drinking habits since living the expat lifestyle.

When I think of living the expatriate lifestyle I conjure up images of a tropical environment sitting on a wraparound deck with my fellow expats being cooled by overhead fans , sipping on some G&T's (to protect against mosquitoes of course) talking about the homeland. Somehow, my expatriate life did not quite pan out that way. Except for the whole drinking bit, but it is not limited to G&T's.

Why am I drinking more? Well isn't that what expats do? I am upholding long standing tradition of expats and Australians. My lifestyle, even though it is not spent socializing at the Long Bar in Raffles, Singapore or attending soirees with the jet set crowd, is a lot more social.

On particularly social days, it is not unusual to have a cocktail or two with lunch, a glass of wine or two with dinner and then a night cap before bed. When a friend of mine recently replied on my behalf to the waiters question of would you like another cocktail, she said "Yes of course, my friend here is a lush". I had to question , firstly what exactly is a lush? Secondly, do I drink too much?

My conclusion is I am perfectly fine, I am not even a big drinker, quantity wise. I am pretty much a Cadbury drinker (Aussie slang: Someone who gets drunk off a small amount of alcohol. Cadbury's is a yummy brand of chocolate blocks, that I miss eating. Cadbury advertise as having a "glass and a half of full cream dairy milk" in every block).

If it is my duty as an expatriate to be a lush, I am duty bound to take up the mantle. Cheers!