Summer Vacation

Jun 23, 2009

Living the expatriate lifestyle with school aged children (or a child in my case) in tow presents both opportunities and challenges. My Little Roo is enjoying a school experience I can not relate to. I did not catch the yellow school bus, nor did I lunch on Chips Ole in the cafeteria or celebrate Halloween by participating in a school wide parade. One thing I can share with Little Roo is the excitement about Summer Vacation (even though I called it Summer Holidays).

Little Roo is now one week into her Summer Vacation torturing/entertaining her grandparents who came from Australia to spend some time with her and I can't help reflecting on the day she started school.

I found an email I had sent to family and friends back in Australia on her first day of school.

The time had arrived, at 8:15am on August 26, 2008 Little Roo boarded the yellow school bus headed for her first day at Elementary School.

Even though Big Roo and I had agreed to let her ride the bus to and from school, we were not willing to completely let her "go". Once Little Roo was safely boarded on the bus we hot footed it to the school to make sure we captured the moment when she arrived at school for the first time as a student. I then proceeded to take an indecent amount of photographs of Little Roo participating in the school routine of lining up and walking to her class room with her peers.

Now we wait for the school bus to arrive home and to hear all about her first day.

Little Roo's first year of school was not only a learning experience for her, introducing her to a lifetime of reading (albeit be it American spellings) but it has been a learning experience for me. A window into American culture, education and raising children.