Jul 22, 2009

Most parents when visiting their Australian expat children bring with them stories from home, vegemite (translation: a dark brown food paste made from yeast extract smeared liberally on toast with butter), hugs and kisses. My parents on their recent visit to DC not to be outdone, bought all these and more. They also ensured they left us with a lasting impression. A police record!!

Have you ever wondered what happens if you dial 911 and then hang up immediately? To tell you the truth, I never gave this topic much thought but now I can speak from experience and tell you exactly what happens.

Firstly, the 911 operator calls back. Even though you assure her that no emergency has occurred, just a case of clumsy fingers using the telephone, she politely informs you that the authorities have been alerted and the police have been sent to the address.

Then there is a knock at the door and two Police Officers, with a look of anticipation and uncertainty ask some questions, bid you a good night and leave. …….Seriously.

Who exactly was the clumsy finger dialing culprit….my visiting father.