Feb 6, 2010

"Crippling snowstorm imminent" reads the forecast headline of the Washington Post today. Over the next few days the Washington D.C area can anticipate a historic snowstorm with a possible snowfall of 16 inches (just over 40cm). Now I realize this amount would be considered a light dusting to a lot of the country but to a little Aussie expat who hasn't quite mastered the art of walking on icy pathways, this sounds colossal!!!

Question is, how does an expat prepare for such a historic event? Buy into the mass hysteria and panic of course. I dutifully went to the supermarket yesterday to "load up" on supplies as instructed by my local news channel but given I had to carry all my groceries home I was limited to what I could carry. Those around me on the other hand were not under such restrictions. stockpiling and clogging up the cash registers. By looking into some trolleys, I could tell they were pros, loading up on all the sensible items such as milk, bread, juice, meat and plenty of sensible non perishable cans of vegetables. I on the other hand forgot to buy milk and ended up with 2 pounds of fresh catfish (which may I say was lovely for last nights dinner cooked up as southern fried catfish), a pound of smoked salmon, a punnet of strawberries, cherry size fresh mozzarella and yogurt.

Feeling a little worried that my shopping items may not see us through the weekend, I took a quick inventory of the pantry and have identified possible shortages and am sending out Big Roo to face the crowds. On the list is wine (we only have four bottles, I would really hate to run out of wine!!), salty snacks (I anticipate there will be a lot of sitting around and watching T.V this weekend), chocolate (need I say more) and he may as well get milk while he is out.