Things I wish I knew........

Mar 13, 2010

Being an expat and living in a foreign country, I feel like a tourist on a long vacation because I am constantly discovering my new surroundings. The list of things I wish I knew before I moved from Sydney to Washington D.C is rather long. If I ever sat down to write a proper list it would of course include all sorts of practical and sagely advice on the art of moving across the globe as well as including plenty of frivolous (yet highly useful) information as well.

The below piece of information would fall into the frivolous touristy cliche category of my list (I love this category). I now know that to obtain entry to the top of the very iconic Washington Monument, one can book advance tickets online at: . This option is a whole lot easier than getting up at an indecent hour very early in the morning to queue for a same day ticket (not that I have ever done that, I sent Big Roo!).

Kite Festival at the Washington Monument