Census 2010 - They can't move forward until I mail it back

Apr 8, 2010

During the past couple of months I have been inundated with the U.S Census 2010 propaganda machine. It has been coming at me from all angles - watching television, reading newspapers, taking public transport, even through Little Roo's school listserv and newsletters. Everybody from Dora the Explorer to Eva Longoria has told me to fill out my Census and be counted!!

Propaganda works I tell you because I took note and promptly filled out my Census when it arrived in the mail. I was surprised that after all the apparent effort to encourage me to fill out the Census questionnaire, the U.S government (who may I add do not make it easy or straight forward to apply for visas and work permits) does not seem to be interested in my expatriate or work status. They only seem to be interested in my age and race. They are spending billions of dollars to do a quick "head count". Is this not a lost opportunity to gather other critical information? Is the government being too politically sensitive by not obtaining information on the labor market, income and citizenship status of the population?
Why not even get creative and tender out the Census for Sponsorship. Surely Coca Cola would pay up to find out the beverage preferences of the population, or the meat industry might be interested to see how many of us are turning into soy milk drinking vegans - I mean, why doesn't the U.S government want to know more about me and my household?
Of course, my only other points of reference are the Australian Census questionnaires I have filled out , which from memory and doing a quick check on the Australian Bureau of Statistics site were far more detailed and lengthy. It got me thinking, when it comes to the government (of which ever country we are residing in), do we want (or need) them to know more or less about us while they are planning for the future?

It appears that being "Australian" is not a race