Apr 14, 2010

Anybody who has ever spent time with me, knows that I am a coffee addict and a coffee snob. I average approximately three cups a day and never drink instant and until moving to the states I never used to drink filter coffee… I blame my father. Ever since we were of legal coffee drinking age my father would spoil us with fresh espresso coffee every morning, made lovingly on his pride and joy the LA PAVONI espresso machine. Before he sent me down the aisle and married me off to Big Roo he made sure I had my very own La Povoni. In fact, one of the saddest goodbyes I said in Sydney before the move to Washington was to the Barista who services the coffee machines and roasts the espresso beans that we used at home; we received hugs and kisses from his entire family (if you are ever in the Annandale neighborhood of Sydney, visit the fabulously delicious coffee at Euroespresso)

Now that I am without my lovely local Sydney cafes and my precious La Pavoni machine and Euroespresso coffee beans, I have not manged to satisfy my craving for good coffee here in the U.S. This is not through lack of trying either. I have tried to locate a decent cafe but to no avail. I fanatically scour cafe reviews and upon reading a glowing report I immediately show up to the counter with hope but leave with a bad (coffee) taste in my mouth. How do I say this politely to my host country? The coffee here sucks!

This country has changed me and beaten me down! I am no longer the coffee snob I once was, I now drink whatever I can get. Whether it is a $4 double strength short skim no foam latte from Starbucks (even this long winded and rather obnoxious sounding order results in mediocre tasting coffee) and recently I have even had to bite the bullet and drink filter coffee. What will my father say?