Great Australian Inventions

Apr 22, 2010

If you are a beer drinker, apparently one of the best inventions (since beer of course) is the humble stubby (stubby is "Australian" for short bottle of beer) cooler.

What is a stubby cooler? Well it turns out that it is actually an Australian invention designed to keep our men happy by keeping their beer cold but their hands warm and dry. No one is surprised to learn that Australian men like beer, but they also like their beer icy cold right down to the last drop! Many a man found that without proper insulation their precious beer becomes too warm – so the stubby cooler was born. Made of latex, styrofoam or if you get real fancy neoprene (wetsuit material), a stubby cooler is a simple round hollow cylinder used to keep beer cold. Now days the old stubby cooler has become the souvenir of choice for many and Big Roo was recently gifted quite a classy one.