"I'm a stupid Aussie"

Apr 13, 2010

Australian celebrity chef Curtis Stone muttered the words "I'm a stupid Aussie", on a television episode of Celebrity Apprentice that aired last night. Curtis admitted his "stupidity" to one of his team mates because he did not know which basketball team NBA legend Clyde Drexler played for.

To most in Asutralia, Drexlers biography would not be common knowledge but here in the U.S as Curtis discovered, you are expected to have total awareness of all things American pop culture including a working knowledge of former and current U.S sports stars. Not at any stage did any of Curtis's team mates think to explain to the foreigner who and what a Clyde Drexler was. As Curtis and I learned last night, Drexler is a very nice 40 something year old man who used to play for the Houston Rockets and is now a member of the basketball hall of fame.

It is comforting to know that even high flying Aussie expat Curtis and I have somethings in common. Neither of us knew which team Clyde Drexler played for and I am not the only expat in this country who frequently feels "stupid" and on the verge of committing cultural faux pas!