This little Piggy went to KFC

Apr 15, 2010

From the company who dropped the word fried from their name to appear more healthy, "KFC" presents the Double Down. The Double Down is a brilliant example of all the things that are wrong with fast food and overindulging in the U.S.

KFC describes their new offering on their website as featuring "two thick and juicy boneless white meat chicken fillets (original recipe or grilled), two pieces of bacon, two melted slices of Monterey Jack and Pepper Jack cheese and Colonel's Sauce! This product is so meaty, there is no room for a bun!"

There may not be any room for a bun, but this bread less burger fits in 540 Calories, 32g of fat and 1380mg of sodium - it is a perfect balanced diet to ensure clogged arteries and high cholesterol! Some media outlets have conducted independent research on the sandwich and suspect that it contains more than twice the calories KFC claims.

Personally I feel rather queasy and nauseous at the thought of consuming KFC's latest combo. Big Roo on the other hand is simply salivating at the thought of all that greasy goodness and is plotting a visit to KFC ASAP. Most Australians though, will not have the artery clogging option of downing a Double Down as KFC has no plans to release it in Australia. For those Aussies desperate to try one, your best bet is hopping on a flight to the land of the free, the brave and the greasy.