What does freedom mean?

Apr 8, 2010

The Roos and I recently visited Philadelphia, PA. Growing up as a little girl in Australia, I was sure that Philadelphia was a nice little town where they made my favourite breakfast spread. Like so many other things as I grew up and matured, this assumption was shattered.

I now have no idea where Philadelphia Cream Cheese is made, but I do have a higher appreciation for the historic contributions the city of Philadelphia lays claim to. One of which is being the host of the signing of the U.S Constitution on September 17, 1787. During our recent trip to the city, we along with all the other tourists paid homage to this historic event and visited the National Constitution Center, which as the name suggests celebrates the signing of the Constitution along with the struggle and rise of the American people to freedom. It is a very patriotic and proud museum.

One of the exhibit halls has large questions on democracy and freedom posted along the walls. The museum encourages visitors to write their answers t0 the questions on post it notes and stick answers onto the wall. Above is a photo of an answer that Australian born, U.S educated, lucky enough to know and experience freedom in both countries Little Roo provided on the topic, "Tell us what makes you feel free?" Her answer - "On Saturday and Sunday I don't have to go to school".

Big Roo also felt free enough in the museum to make George Washington wear his Australian Football League (no it is not the same as soccer or rugby) North Melbourne hat.