In Washington D.C, bigger is better

May 22, 2010

Washington D.C government officials have been accused of handing out inferior condoms! High school and college students have complained that the free condoms the city gives out are bad quality and too small.

In a bid to lower teenage pregnancy and stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases the city has coughed up the extra money and has agreed to provide the students what they want - Trojan brand condoms including the company's MAGNUM size.

Before I moved to D.C, I did all the prerequisite research into my new city and was absolutely floored with one particular figure, 1 in 20 adults residing in Washington D.C is HIV positive. It is the country's highest rate of infection.

If handing out Trojan Magnums will help in the fight against HIV, then more power to them! City officials will send up to 10 free condoms to residents who request them online, along with making them available at barber shops, liquor stores and youth centers.