The other other white meat

May 21, 2010

I must admit that before I moved to the U.S, I thought I was moving into a food wasteland, where my dining choices would be limited to fatty, greasy fast food outlets and processed fluorescent colored cheese. I even tried to "friend" Anthony Bourdain (he was the only American I could think of that had sensible taste in food) on facebook, posing what I thought was a reasonable question, "where can I find decent food in the D.C area?" Bourdain ignored both my friend request and question, so I was left to explore the culinary world in D.C without any guidance. Upon arrival, I discovered that yes, there is a plethora of fluorescent cheese in this country but there is also an equal amount of good food, restaurants and ingredients.

One ingredient that I enjoy in the U.S is Turkey. Since pork has successful marketed themselves as "the other white meat", turkey in my book is the "other other white meat" that we do not get nearly enough of in Australia. Eating turkey in Australia is limited to a Christmas dinner or the occasional smoked turkey sandwich from the deli but here there is an overabundance of turkey. I am going to have a Forrest Gump moment and list all the ways I have eaten turkey in this country - turkey legs, turkey wings, turkey mince, turkey bacon, turkey pepperoni, turkey sausages, turkey breast, turkey thighs, turkey jerky and of course whole turkey.

In particular I enjoy a good turkey burger, it is quite often my burger of choice and I have enjoyed a few good ones around town, I even wrote about one in a previous blog post - It is good stuff. As a spin on the iconic American burger I have started making Mini turkey burgers at home. Little Roo loves them because well she is a kid and likes to eat burgers and I like them because they are SIMPLE to make and quite healthy. In the words of Dr. Suess, "You do not like them. So you say. Try them! Try them! And you may. Try them and you may, I say"

- Mix ground turkey (otherwise known as minced turkey in Australia) with onion, garlic, cumin, a few drops of whatever hot sauce you have lying around, salt, pepper, some thyme or cilantro (coriander).

- Form into mini burger patties, grill it up and serve on a mini bun. My preference is to serve it on a ciabatta roll topped with a home made guacamole and salad on the side.

- Both Little and Big Roo like bacon and cheese on their turkey burger, which kind of kills off the whole healthy notion of it all but each to their own.