Jun 7, 2010

I have long thought that I need a signature drink, a cocktail that I will great my guests with when I welcome them at the front door. Since, I have come to terms with my duty as an expat to eat, drink, be merry and be a lush, it is only fitting that I have my very own signature drink.

As of this weekend, I have finally discovered a drink I am happy to lay claim to. Admittedly I will be stealing the cocktail concept from a fellow Aussie expat, I have convinced myself she will not mind as it will be staying in the "Aussie" family.

I call the drink Xpatriate Games - try it and enjoy!!

- One scoop Lemon Sorbet

- One shot of Gin

- Fill glass to the top with chilled bubbles (Champagne, Prosecco or a generic sparkling wine)