French Open Finalist Sam Stosur, Lyme disease and I

Jun 6, 2010

Sam Stosur

Sam Stosur is the first Australian women in the Tennis French Open Finals since 1979. A feat in itself, and one much needed for Australian tennis. Considering that a few years ago she was housebound through fatigue and IV antibiotic treatment for Lyme disease, the feat becomes that much more impressive.

Lyme disease is an infectious disease spread through a tick bite. Controversy surrounds the presence of this disease in Australia but it is wide spread throughout parts of Europe and North America. Symptoms range from headache, fever, lethargy, joint inflammation and pain to facial paralysis.

It seems that my fellow Aussie Sam Stosur and I contracted this disease while living in America. I don't know about her, but this was not exactly the type of souvenir or memento I really wanted to take back with me from my time in this country. Having never even heard of the disease I was certainly ill prepared to deal with it.

As they say, at the end of every tunnel there is a light (some tunnels are very long though). I am glad to see that Sam made it to the end of her tunnel and kicked some tunnel butt by making a full recovery, regaining her health, strength and tennis prowess to make it to the French Open Final. I am still in my tunnel but I now think there might be a tennis grand slam on my horizon.