The Summer is Magic

Jun 3, 2010

I am not usually a fan of euro dance tracks but I am quite fond of the 1994 Playahitty hit "The Summer is Magic". Well maybe I just like the title and sentiment of the song. No matter where in the world you are, the summer is magic!

Even in stiflingly hot, humid, sweaty tourist infested Washington D.C, there is magic to be found. One uniquely indigenous summer food that must be indulged in whilst in the local area is Crabs. Hot, steamy, sold by the dozen and served on brown paper while you sit on an outdoor picnic table and eat with your hands Maryland Crabs.

Unlike in Australia, where crab is a luxury item that commands top dollar and you usually purchase only one at a time to share among many. The crabs here are sold by the dozen and given quite a rough treatment, a shake of Old Bay seasoning and into the steamer.

My top pick for buying crabs in the city is at Maine Avenue Fish Market located at 1100 Maine Ave SW, Washington D.C. It is truly off the beaten path and not only provides value for your seafood money but a good cross section of the D.C population. The only downside to the market is that there is no seating to enjoy your purchases at. You can either enjoy your food on a bench off the pier and then give your leftovers to the nearby sleeping homeless man (as we once did) or take your goodies home.

If your after a more sit down affair in the city, head on over to the Bethesda Crab House located at 4958 Bethesda Ave, Bethesda, Maryland. Here you will be treated to picnic style diningwith no cutlery in sight. Just you, a few dozen crabs, all the corn you can eat and cold buckets of beer.