Hot in the city, hot in the city tonight, tonight!!!

Jul 27, 2010

I know 1980's bleached blonde hair sensation Billy Idol was not referring to the sweltering hot, humid summer that is Washington D.C, when singing his hit song, "Hot in the city, hot in the city tonight, tonight " but it has become this summer's anthem in my household.

Moving to D.C, I had reconciled in my mind that it would get very cold in the winter but I was not aware of the pain and torture that is the summer months. Upon waking up each day, I give into my iPhone addiction and before I even roll out of bed, greet my family "good morning" or have a cup of coffee, I refer to my iPhone to check in on all the day's important things. I check all incoming email correspondence, facebook status updates, yelp reviews and the weather. Of late the weather has been out of control, with this past weekend reaching an obnoxious level. The temperature on Saturday topped at 39 degrees Celsius/102 degrees Fahrenheit. Being Australian, I still think in Celsius but it sure does sound very dramatic to say the temperature has reached over 100 degrees!

I am not sure what is more challenging, trying to entertain Little Roo during the no school days of Snowmagedon or during the two and a half months of the sweltering summer school vacation. As terrible as it may sound, I am indebted to the Disney channel and air conditioning on both counts. Thank you modern day conveniences!