Victory tastes like a Chorizo Sausage

Jul 29, 2010

What does an expat family do when their country's team is doing woefully in the FIFA World Cup? Barrack (in Australia we "barrack" for a team, I guess in the U.S, I should be "rooting" for a team but that has a whole other connotation in Oz) for opposing teams while placing a little wager on the result.

I ended up victorious (thank you Spain) and Big Roo ended up having to grocery shop, prepare, cook and clean up after a three course Spanish meal. With the World Cup weeks behind us, it was time for Big Roo to pay up this weekend. On the hottest day known to mankind, otherwise known as this past Saturday, Big Roo went grocery shopping in search of Spanish ingredients (I tagged along just to complain about the heat at regular five minute intervals).

First stop, A & H Seafood Market (4960 Bethesda Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814), a great locally owned spot to pick up fresh seafood and specialty Spanish and Portuguese items. The owners are Spanish and always have good advice on the produce they sell. I frequent this place quite a bit, coming from Australia I have an aversion to buying seafood from the supermarket. Plenty of fresh seafood markets in Oz to buy seafood from, so why would I purchase previously frozen offerings from the supermarket? I digress, back to my victory dinner. At A & H, Big Roo stocked up on some Spanish goodies and got to work cooking me up a storm while I complained some more about the heat.

Victory tasted good that night! I was treated to a selection of tapas which included Spanish Olives, Goat's Cheese with crusty bread, Jamon Iberico, Grilled Chorizo Sausage, Spanish Potato Tortilla all washed down with a refreshing homemade Sangria. For the main attraction, Big Roo channeled his inner Spaniard and whipped up a fabulous Chicken and Chorizo Paella, finishing it all off with a Flan. The meal was amazing! I even stopped complaining about the heat for a while.

Viva Espana!!!!