Coolifying Canberra

Oct 13, 2010

Something has happened to Washington D.C. in my time living here. With the passing of the guard from the Bush administration to the Obama machine, Washington D.C. became cool. The First Lady is emerging into an American fashion icon, with her wardrobe choices getting as much attention as her husband's policy changes. The city has been flooded with reality television shows such as Top Chef, Real World, Real Housewives of D.C. and D.C. Cupcakes showcasing the best and worst (real housewives) the city has to offer.

It got me to thinking what would it take to make Australia's capital city of Canberra cool? Is it even possible to coolify Canberra? Nicknamed the Bush Capital because it feels like living in a big country town, where you can still find top class restaurants and museums but drive 5 minutes out in any direction and you will be in danger of hitting kangaroos with your car.

Most Americans I have encountered have actually not even ever heard of Canberra, let alone realized that it is our capital city. Wedged in between Australia's better known cities of Sydney and Melbourne, Canberra is in fact so uncool that one of our Prime Ministers John Howard did not even take up his official residency in the capital city but instead choose to reside in Sydney.

Currently Australia, has it's first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. Perhaps she is the turn around for Canberra, just as the Obama's seem to have been the turn around for D.C. Gillard is unmarried and I am thinking all she needs is a new boyfriend to really kick start Canberra's coolification. I have come up with a few ideas for potential suitors:

Jamie Foxx - What more could we ask for in Australia's First Man, he sings, dances, acts and he is super cool!

George Clooney - Voted as Sexiest Man Alive on two occasions by People Magazine, he could help Gillard make Canberra not only cool but sexy.

Foxx, Gillard and Clooney. Who can coolify Canberra?