Oct 7, 2010

Big Roo looking Pumpkinlicious
No Pumpkin was harmed in the making of this photo
In Australia, Pumpkin Patch is a children's clothing company, so when a friend offered to drive us to a local Pumpkin Patch this past weekend, I thought we were headed to the mall to supplement Little Roo's Fall wardrobe.

Instead of the mall our gracious driver steered us towards "Summers Farm" in Frederick, Maryland. The farm had just opened up their farm doors (do farms have doors?), or should I say farm gates for the Annual Fall-for-All Festival. We were about to partake in some good old fashioned American Fall fun.

On the Fall fun agenda was a hayride, a frolic in a pumpkin patch (a real pumpkin patch where they grow the pumpkins not the store selling kids coordinates) and a meander through the Corn Maze. All this Fall family fun is $9.50 per person on weekends from now until November 2, 2010.

Having paid our admission price and donning the blue Summers Farm wristband notifying all on the farm that we are honest and trustworthy farm admission paying members of society we boarded our hayride. In our case the hayride was a John Deere tractor pulling a flat bed hayride trailer filled with hay bales for ones sitting pleasure. I did not time it the ride but think it would have been a few minutes long and dropped all aboard into a pumpkin patch.

Being the ignorant Australian that I am, I frolicked in the pumpkin patch wearing heels, which would have been totally appropriate to the shopping pumpkin patch I thought we were going to, but not so much for the farm, but you live in America and you learn. Being early October we opted not to pick huge giant pumpkins to schlep home with us. Carving out a Pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern three weeks out from Halloween might be a little too eager plus I do not want the smell of rotting pumpkin in the apartment to waft all that time.

Next on the Fall fun agenda, the Corn Maze. This year Summers Farm pledged their Corny support towards the local NFL team, Washington Redskins and we navigated through the feathered mascot . Little Roo insisted on doing both the short course, which took less than 15 minutes and the long course, which she bounced her way through in 30 minutes. From the ground, you get no sense of the design of the maze but there are plenty of postcards to purchase at the farm if you want to admire the design. It did spark a discussion amongst us, on how exactly you would cut out a maze design in your corn field. The only logical explanation must be a giant template of your design and planting per the template.

The Maize Maze

Another corny photo