Tim Tam Slam

Oct 9, 2010

I walked into my local World Market store to discover a mini homage to Australia set up. World Market had a small selection of Australian products for sale, including the Australian breakfast and lunch spread staple for millions of Aussie families, Vegemite. Most Australians I know, myself included takes particular pleasure in torturing, I mean exposing foreign guests to Vegemite's unique salty taste. I personally can not stand Vegemite but my family members love it and insist on keeping it stockpiled despite it's astronomical U.S. price of $9 for a tiny jar.

Also included in the World Market Aussie selection of products was Shapes (flavoured crackers), Bundaberg Ginger Ale, Arnotts Assorted Biscuits and my all time favorite which I highly recommend, Arnotts Tim Tams. Tim Tams are a delicious indulgent chocolate on chocolate on more chocolate biscuit (or cookie if you rather), which can be enjoyed in many ways. My preferred method of Tim Tam consumption and the messiest method is something we call the Tim Tam Slam. A Tim Tam Slam is a uniquely Australian tradition of drinking a hot beverage (coffee, etc) by using a Tim Tam as a straw.
Recipe for a perfect Tim Tam Slam

Hot coffee made to your specifications (any hot beverage will do the trick)
Packet of Tim Tams (refrigerated Tim Tams are best)
Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur (to spike coffee -it makes it more fun in the long run)

Step One
Spike coffee with appropriate amount of liqueur

Step Two
Bite opposite ends of Tim Tam and use it a a straw to suck in coffee

Step Three
Prepare to get messy!
Attempt to consume the remains of the Tim Tam before it melts

Step Four