Wonkfest with no Willy in sight

Oct 8, 2010

I obviously spend a lot more time socializing with Little Roo and friends than I do with people my own age. When I was recently invited to a Wonkfest, I assumed I had won a golden ticket! Myself, Veruca Salt, Charlie Bucket and of course Mr Wonka would be in for a night of inspired chocolate wining and dining but no this is D.C. and it was a night of wonk work war story swapping.

I had the wrong kind of wonk in mind. A Wonkfest according to wiktionary is a self congratulatory meeting of wonks. A wonk as it turns out is an overly studious or particularly keen intellectual individual! These wonks I was socializing with were not chocolate obsessed but rather Hill obsessed (and no not in the Heidi and Spencer way), Capitol Hill. It was a social gathering of Capitol Hill employees, contractors and groupies. Even though it was an after hours affair with all ditching suit and tie for jeans and a polo shirt, I spied plenty of business card swapping and heard an abundance of policy power wonkery talk. In Australia, this kind of event would be labelled a Wankfest not a Wonkfest.

Being not of their Hill wonk world, I looked for someone less wonky to pass the time with and searched out a man with a healthy looking mullet and a long earring dangling from his left earlobe. Turns out he worked on the Hill as well, as a lobbyist.