Dec 3, 2010

Chrismukkah is upon us, the season where as an interfaith (Jewish and Catholic) family we try to embrace (or ignore) or simply deal with the mixed messages of Hanukkah and Christmas. The stores are selling dreidels, menorahs, Christmas decorations and trees. One side of the family is lighting the menorah and handing out Hanukkah gelt and the other half is asking for photos with Santa. What is an interfaith Little Roo suppose to think?


I have always encouraged Little Roo to milk (learn about) both sides, accept the Hanukkah gelt, take the photo with Santa and grab the Christmas presents while she can. She is young and the holiday season, no matter which side you're on, should be fun at her age.


To even things out, I do think Hanukkah needs to beef up its marketing effort, because no matter where in the western world you live, Christmas always seems to trump Hanukkah. Even all Jewish households would benefit in a boost of Hanukkah marketing. This morning one of my (Jewish) friends facebook posts read "Went to the Chanukah candle lighting - sang songs, ate latkes, played games. And then my son says (loudly) 'can we get photos with Santa now?'"


So how can Hanukkah market itself more effectively? Firstly, I think it should decide on a definitive spelling, is it Hanukkah, Hanukah Chanukah, Chanuka? All these accepted versions of spelling the word stresses me out every time I have to write it. Secondly, Hanukkah needs to take on Santa Claus, with a jolly icon that children can take photos with and that will come bearing gelt. I have a few suggestions to take on the great St. Nick. How about Mr. Latke Head or Daddy Dreidel? Then the folks at Hanukkah headquarters should make copious amounts of Hanukkah telemovies – "How the Grinch Stole the Menorah", "National Lampoons Hanukah Vacation" and "The Night before Hanukah".


As I contemplate further Hanukkah marketing efforts, Little Roo and I are off to wrap some Hanukkah gifts in Christmas paper.



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