Rediscovering home

Oct 27, 2011

Our party of three, Little Roo, Big Roo and I are back living in Australia, slowly rediscovering all the splendour "home" has to offer. One of the glories that Little Roo and I recently experienced was a trip to the beach.

Clovelly Beach was my childhood local beach, so when Little Roo and I were on a recent trip to Sydney visiting my family, we decided to take the leisurely 20 minute stroll from my childhood home down to the beach. It proved to be a glorious day, the Spring weather was perfect for frolicking in the sand, collecting shells and rocks, dipping our feet into the gentle waters and noshing on ice cream.

Clovelly beach is well off the tourist trail, it is a locals beach and a total Sydney gem. With plenty of good eating at and near the beach, it was a blissful day out rediscovering Sydney, Australia with Little Roo!