Hello New Acton!

May 25, 2014

Urban edge in New Acton
The Nishi Gallery in New Acton was an apt choice for meeting the other 100 humans embarking on the Visit Canberra Human Brochure campaign.
Apt because New Acton is a little different to the surrounding architecture around Canberra; just as the Human Brochure campaign is a little different in its approach to promoting a city to outsiders.  Instead of spending the tourism marketing budget on carefully edited advertisements in high circulation glossy magazines, the brains trust at Visit Canberra is investing in us locals (101 locals to be precise) to tell the story of the capital.  

New Acton also strays from the Canberra model of grand monuments and tree lined boulevards to have created something of an urban lifestyle and community representing the city’s next chapter.  Urban is not usually a word used to describe Canberra, but New Acton has elegantly combined doses of art with inner city chic and urban edge.The architecture of the New Action buildings is quite striking, with the recently completed Nishi building having a pineapple silhouette. All the buildings have also been built to high environmental standards with occupants benefiting from its innovative solar heat retention principles.
Situated north of Lake Burley Griffin within walking distance of the city, New Acton is a neighbourhood –not just a shiny new suburb full of same-same houses. The neighbourhood houses a mixture of residential and commercial buildings with a quirky mix of hotels, bars, cafes and an arthouse movie cinema still with plenty of green space throughout.  It is just a fascinating place to spend a day or night challenging the perception of Canberra.

I adore New Acton and how it is reshaping Canberra, it gives me a sense of being transported to the Meatpacking district in New York, which too has undergone regeneration and is full of new life and community. I particularly enjoy meandering through the Nishi building and the Hotel Hotel (yes that’s the actual name not a typo) lobby. Not your typical hotel lobby and staircase, it is an avant-garde masterpiece without feeling stuffy, as it is all open to touch and explore. Filled with industrial artworks in all its nooks and crannies, the lobby bar is perfect for a lazy afternoon of bar snacks and discovery.

With plenty of dining options, our party or three, the husband, Tweeny and I tend to stick to Bicicletta restaurant.  They serve up rustic Italian fare and on a warm day or night I am sure to request a table in the courtyard to soak up the coming and goings of New Acton and indulge in some people watching.

To check in on all things New Acton, visit the website http://www.newacton.com.au/