Meeting the humans

May 23, 2014

Hoping to bond over shoes.
Tonight’s the night! The night, I will be introduced to the other 100 humans embarking on the #HumanBrochure campaign. The scene has been set for us to meet and be briefed on all things Canberra and the campaign at a little soiree.

I am feeling a little anxious and Woody Allenish about meeting my fellow Humans. I have connected with some of the humans through various social media and have spent some time reading profiles on the human brochure website and I feel a little under qualified. Sure I am a human (by birth) but these other humans are extraordinary. Some are social media whizzes, others are artists, designers and talented photographers. I am just, well me, unsure of why I was even chosen to participate.

To add to my Woody Allen anxiety, we have been asked to attend the function solo. I will not have the safety net of my family to talk with. If it all goes pear shaped and I am left standing alone in a corner while the rest of the room is engaged in laughter and conversation, I have but one conversation starter. My cheesy (friendly, not trying to get a date here) pick up line is, “I love your shoes”.  I do genuinely love shoes and often find my gaze lowered at a person’s footwear and sometimes in these awkward social situations all you need is to bond with somebody for 5 – 10 minutes over footwear.