Baby, it’s cold outside

Jun 20, 2014

With a frosty forecast for the next month or so, I am going to embrace all things winter in the Southern Hemisphere. I am thinking ice skating, drinking copious amounts of marshmallow filled hot chocolates and fulfilling my most stereotypical image of winter, enjoying many a dinner sitting by an open fire. Since we do not have a fireplace at our place, I have my sights set on tasting the winter menu by the open fire at Mercure Canberra, Olims Bar & Bistro.

I recently got to experience some of what the Olims Bar & Bistro in Braddon had to offer at a Visit Canberra human brochure discovery event. Never having really spent much time at Olims, I had wrongly assumed from the name “Bar & Bistro” that they served stock standard pub fare and drinks but the tasting we did suggested a more bespoke approach.
Specialists in beer and food matching, the Olims treated us to a tasting selection of craft beer and cider from boutique operation the Sydney Brewery company. Not being a devoted and knowledgeable beer drinker, I paid particular attention to the food accompanying the drinks and there were some standouts.

The Sydney Brewery, Paddo Ale was accompanied by Hare cutlet. It was my first time eating Hare and actually the first time I have ever seen Hare on a menu, ever! It had a much stronger, gamier taste than rabbit and the dish really embodied warmth and all things winter. In contrast, the next pairing embodied summer, Coconut Ice Cream served with the Sydney Cider and it was genius! Both drink and pairing were appropriately refreshing and I am planning on making this my summer go to.

For now though the open fireplace and Hare cutlet beckons.