I Saur a Dino! Discovering a lost world

Jun 8, 2014

Following on from feeling like Gulliver in Lilliput at CockingtonGreen Gardens miniature village, Tweeny and I headed to experience dinosaurs in the dark at the National Dinosaur Museum. The two attractions are located just a short stroll from one another and in a matter of minutes we left Lilliput and entered Jurassic Park. Luckily the museum’s 23 complete skeletons and over 300 displays of individual fossils, and big roaring animatronic dinosaur replicas did not come to life that evening!

The National Dinosaur Museum is privately run and operated. Since starting from humble beginnings in 1993 the museum has grown to house the largest permanent display of dinosaur and prehistoric fossil material in Australia. With a focus on both education and entertainment, we were treated to large doses of both on our tour with one of the best museum guide’s I have met to date, Phil.
Phil was fun, knowledgeable, engaging and mesemerised both adults and children that evening. He took the group on a journey through time, where we discovered a lost world when dinosaurs roamed.  We moved through the museum’s exhibits from how the earth was created into the beginnings of life, touching on each geological era. Phil described the landscape from each period and brought the plants and animals of each time to life.

Just as entertaining as the second floor museum exhibits is the National Dinosaur Museum Shop-a-Saurus which has a wide range of dinosaur and prehistoric animal keep sakes. In the downstairs store we had the opportunity to lick some dino poo (I opted to keep my tongue to myself) and touch an assortment of real fossils. Shop-a-Saurus blends the museum’s ethos of education and entertainment with a large array of themed books and toys. Tweeny added quite a few items that she spied on the shop floor to her Christmas wish list and given the educational value I feel hopeful that Santa will oblige her!
Check in on all things National Dinosaur Museum via the website and if you are planning a visit, make time for a guided tour and let them lead you on a journey through time.