Global Cooking - Germany

Aug 25, 2014

What does a nice Australian family do during the recent FIFA World Cup? Well in our case we pick two teams each to barrack for and place a little friendly wager on the result.

The husband ended up victorious so Tweeny and I had to grocery shop, prepare and cook a whole week’s worth of the winning country’s food – Germany!

With the World Cup weeks behind us, it was time for Tweeny and I to pay up on the wager.
Question was what to make?

My experience with Germany and German cuisine was quite limited. I took my first overseas solo trip fresh out of high school and first stop was Frankfurt, Germany to visit and stay with some family friends. Being a baby faced and an inexperienced traveler, I ate all my meals with my host family, who were lovely but were not native Germans so I enjoyed a lot of excellent Russian food on the trip but no German food.
To bridge my knowledge gap, I asked an expatriate German living and working in Canberra for some inspiration on traditional food. I learned that I had missed out on trying rich, substantial comfort food whilst in Germany, with each region having its own speciality dishes and traditional cuisine.

Rhineland-Palatinate: Germany’s wine region famous for the Palatinate sow stomach served with potatoes and Sauerkraut and a glass of Riesling

Berlin: potato pancakes, pan-fried potatoes topped with a fried egg, farmers breakfast (leftover tomatoes, ham, vegetables pan-fried with potatoes and whisked eggs), pan-fried liver with mashed potatoes, apples and onions, “Currywurst” Curry sausage

Baden-Württemberg: Cheesespätzle (egg noodles with Emmentaler cheese and roasted onions), Black Forrest Ham, onion tart, pan-fried sausages and sauerkraut, Black forest cake

Thuringia: Thüringer Rostbratwurst (char grilled sausage, made of minced meat spiced with marjoram, caraway, garlic) in a bun with mustard, roasts with red cabbage and potato dumplings, lots of cakes

Saxonia-Anhalt: Rotkäppchen Sekt (Sparkling Wine), Halberstadt Sausage (world first canned sausages), Baumkuchen (tree cake, a layered cake); Halloren Kugeln (Chocolate balls)

Saarland: potato cake served with a cream-bacon sauce, potato or green bean soup, apple cake

Schleswig-Holstein: roast lamb, Tilsiter cheese, oysters, Lübecker Marzipan

Hamburg: go to the famous Hamburger Fish market and have lots seafood

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: rollmops, caramelized pan-fried potatoes, meat with raisins, Labskaus (meat and herring stew with fried eggs), hearty stew of pears, beans and bacon

Brandenburg: Spree Forest gherkins, carp

Hesse: Frankfurter Würstchen (scalded sausage served with bread and sauerkraut), Apple wine, sour milk cheese

Saxonia: Dresdner Stollen (sweet bread), spicy Lebkuchen (gingerbread), lots of micro breweries

Bavaria: White sausage with sweet mustard, Bretz’n (pretzels), beer, pork knuckles, bread dumplings, sour marinated beef

So much food for thought (pun intended)! Now to decide on what to make for our week of German cooking.

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