Oh My Liebster!

Aug 18, 2014

I was nominated for a Liebster Blogging Award. What a lovely way to start the week, answering questions on one of my favourite topics, family travel as set by my Liebster Award nominator Bubs on the Move.

What is your favourite memory from traveling with your kid/s?

One special memory that stands out is taking a helicopter trip for the first time together with my daughter. She was four years old and it was just her and I on vacation in Canada. We had an opportunity to fly over Niagara Falls in a helicopter but I wasn’t sure how she would react, if she would be scared or freak. I took a chance and she loved it!
What is your favourite aspect of life at home (because all travel bloggers need reminding sometimes that homelife is precious too)?

We all miss our two dogs when we travel but it is always a great reunion once we get home.

 Describe the scene of your child’s most devastating travel meltdown & What was the very first trip you took with your child/children?

I love sharing the world a little at a time with my daughter and watching her experience things for the first time. Not always do the experiences go to plan! Our very first family vacation (involving a plane trip) was to the Gold Coast, Australia to enjoy sun, sea and some serious beach time. Tweeny was two years old and I was a bit nervous about how she would handle her first plane trip. Plane trip turned out great, the excitement of take off, landing and the seatbelts was all the entertainment she needed for the short flight from Sydney, Australia.

On day one of our long awaited beach holiday, we discovered that two year old Tweeny despised the sand on the beach. The first touch of sand on her chubby little toes sent her into a high pitched toddler squeal and she demanded to be picked up. Going into the water was out of the question as it involved her feet touching the sand. No reasoning (or bribery) was going to change her mind. So we packed up our carefully selected buckets and spades and our beach holiday became our resort pool holiday.

What is your favourite type of accommodation?

The most convenient for our family is a resort style apartment accommodation. I enjoy having all the lovely conveniences of a resort pool, swim up bar, room service and restaurants but with the added comfort of having a bedroom or two and a small kitchen.

Which country’s residents do you think welcomes traveling families with the most warmth?

The warmest welcome we have received as a family has been at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel with bathrobes and slippers and special treats tailored to each one of us and our sizes and ages. It was super sweet introduction to the country and the hotel!

What is your favourite memory of travel or local exploration from your own childhood?

For some reason the one travel memory that sticks out is a road trip my parents, sister, visiting international cousin and I took from Sydney to Melbourne. Even though it was a long car ride, it was full of laughs and mishaps including nearly running out of petrol and arriving at our Melbourne hosts house at 4am in the morning.

One website that you find valuable in trip planning?

Webjet – I can do a quick comparison shop and purchase flights all from the one site!

One item that you never leave home without?

My smart phone, it is my camera and GPS all in one.

Pre-boarding or boarding last. Your preference and reasons.

Boarding last for sure! My daughter likes to spend as much time as possible at airport book stores. Traditionally she has been allowed to purchase one new book to read on the plane and it is always a tough decision for her.

Where are you going on your next trip?

I have nothing booked in at the moment, plenty of ideas but no concrete plans. Top of the travel wish list right now is Phillip Island in Victoria, Australia to watch the penguin parade and Hawaii for some general purpose beach hopping and shopping.

The Liebster Award Rules are as follows:
·         Thank the blogger who gave it to you including a link back to their website – Done but thank you once again Bubs on the Move
·         Answer the eleven questions they ask you - Done
·         Nominate bloggers with less than 500 followers – Well I nominate fellow Australian family travel bloggers Kid Bucket List and From here to there with Kids
·         Ask eleven questions –
Why is family travel important to you?
Best family travel memory?
Any embarrassing travel moments?
Do you travel without children anymore?
Any family travel packing tips to share?
Who plans the trips in your household?
Best kids menu a restaurant you have come across?
What inspired you to start your blog?
How far in advance do you plan your family travel?
Where is your next trip planned to?
Where would you rather be today?
·         Let those bloggers know that they have been nominated so they can continue the chain – will do!