Why do I write?

Aug 13, 2014

I am truly flattered to have been tagged by fellow human and Canberra blogger  that I admire, Nadia from City Mum – Rural Life to participate in a blog hop and explore ‘Why I Write’?

Nadia has two gorgeous children and together with her husband; they are setting out to bring the best of their Sydney city upbringing to their new life in the country just outside of Canberra. Her blog is heavily influenced by her career as a primary school coordinator and teacher at one of the biggest schools in Sydney. I love reading her perspective on education and her family’s sea change.
At the end of this post, I’ll introduce you to some other Canberra bloggers I admire but for now onto the topic of this blog hop ‘Why I write’!


Why do you write?

I started writing for connection and to share experiences. When we first moved to Washington D.C from Australia, I would send out a weekly email to my friends and family back home, updating them on our experiences and adventures. My mailing list kept growing as more friends and family requested to be added to the list and soon enough my weekly email update turned into a blog. It was a great way to stay in touch with family and also connect with local bloggers in the states. Now that we are back living in Australia the blog is about rediscovering home with the bonus of meeting local Canberra bloggers.

What am I working on?

I am working on being more consistent with my blog and posting regularly (well at least semi regularly).

I had a long hiatus from the blog since moving back to Australia from the USA but have been feeling inspired and wanting to share all things family, food and travel again.

I have also started a new little project on my Facebook page where I have been sharing my week of trying to cook an international cuisine. So far I have tried cooking German and Japanese food both of which have been a hit with the family and I plan to share the results via the blog.

How does your writing differ from others in your genre?

Well I guess we all have different perspectives and experiences so my writing differs because it reflects my personal journey of living in six different countries, changing school seven times, being a mum, an army wife and a massive chocoholic!
That is why I love blogging, it is an opportunity to share a story and experience and read about others bloggers journeys. Take this blog hop for instance, we have all been asked the same questions but I bet they have been answered in such different ways reflecting all our personalities and quirks. In fact you can read all the participants of the blog hop in a link on Always Josefa blog – all so diverse.

What is your writing process?

It is not a quick process for me, I like to write down an idea and then let it sit and marinate for a few days going back to it every once in a while until it is has the skeleton of a blog post. Then I sit down and devote an hour or two to finish it off, edit, choose the photos and post.

I now pass on the challenge and tag Melissa from Honey Bee Books and Theresa from A Little Bird Made Me, both of whom are fellow humans and Canberrans that I have enjoyed getting to know over the past couple of months.

Melissa lives in Canberra with her husband and two children aged 4 and 6 years. She is passionate about helping her children to discover the wonder and magic of books and wants to ignite their love of reading. Her blog, Honey Bee Books, shares some of their reading adventures. You can find picture book reviews, themed reading lists and lots of fun activities that help children to connect to reading.

Theresa is the little bird making things in Canberra. She has rediscovered the joy of making things from fabric and enjoys playing with all sorts of different craft mediums. The three things that she has made that are the most important to her are her three children. She describes the oldest little chick as wise beyond her years. The middle chick is her ‘artist in residence’ and the youngest chick is the boy, who is all boy, in constant motion.