Global Cooking – German Menu

Sep 25, 2014

Recently I lost a World Cup family bet and had to cook a whole week’s worth of the winning country’s cuisine - Germany!  

After some research and Q&A with an expatriate German living and working in Canberra, I pieced together our week long German menu with surprising results.
German week  - What we ate

German inspired hot dogs with frankfurters loaded with mustard and sauerkraut (pickled cabbage)

-          What is not to love about this child- friendly dish? We each built our own hotdogs according to our taste. The husband loaded his up with extra mustard, I enjoyed mine with sauerkraut and Tweeny preferred hers plain without any condiments.


-          If my high school grade seven German serves me correctly “Abendbrot” translates to "evening bread". Since most Germans eat their main hot meal for lunch they serve up a cold platter of meats, cheese, vegetables and bread for dinner. This was my favourite meal of the week as we each got to build our own meal according to taste and it was quite novel to have sandwiches for dinner.

Chicken schnitzel (boneless chicken fillet, coated with egg, flour and breadcrumbs) served with sauerkraut and pickles

-          According to my German expat friend to have made this dish more authentic, I should have used veal instead of chicken and served with fried potato and a garden salad.


-          I cheated here and purchased a frozen strudel from the supermarket but boy it was good.

Roast Pork with apples, gravy and spaetzle (a German style home made noodle fried in butter)

-          This was delicious and decadent! Spaetzle is now officially Tweeny’s favourite food and she asks for me to cook it for her on a weekly basis.

And finally, Bratwurst, Cheese Kransky and pretzels

-          It was a bit of a sausage overload and I personally was craving a plain salad by this stage of the menu. Although, Tweeny and the husband didn’t seem to mind!

The week bought unexpected results. Not only was the food tasty, it was easy to purchase as I was able to find all the ingredients at my regular supermarket shop. The substantial comfort food of Germany was a hit with the family and it took us on a little gourmet travel adventure. We not only chatted about the meals but what it might be like to visit Germany (We even pulled out the atlas to help Tweeny locate it on the map).

Following the gastronomic success of German week and considering we do not have any immediate overseas travel plans, we have been taking weekly gourmet food travel adventures trying to cook a different international cuisine each week. I have been sharing the results of the new little project on the Xpatriate Games Facebook page (come take a look and share your favourite international cuisine with me).