QL2 – For the Win

Oct 24, 2014

Last week I was generously invited to watch a contemporary dance work at Theatre 3 in Canberra about competing and co-operating, winning, and losing — and what the dancers involved thought about those themes.

Created by 47 dancers, most aged 8–16 from a junior ensemble with choreographers Jake Kuzma, Alison Plevey and JamieWinbank plus Artistic Director Ruth Osborne the performance was titled “For the Win” by QL2 Dance Inc.

As a mum of a very enthusiastic entertainer, I have been to a fair few performances showcasing young talent and I have to admit the best bit about some of the shows has been spying my little performer on stage. Since I had never been to a QL2 performance, I didn’t know what to expect.

Within the first high impact minute, it was fantastic! The hour long show whizzed by, with me and Tweeny enthralled and poking each other enthusiastically during our favourite bits.

“For the Win” was the result of an intensive 6 week rehearsal period with the purpose of giving the dancers an introduction to working with a choreographer and moving beyond just learning the steps. The whole vision for QL2 is for young people to develop as artists and be valued. QL2 wants more young people to experience personal growth through dance and believes in the value of dance both as an art form; and as a vehicle for personal and community development.

The vision statement is not just rhetoric, it transcended in a most impressive fashion onto the stage. I loved that the works were all ensemble pieces. There was no one star of the show, instead there were 47 dazzling performers and as part of the process of rehearsing  “For the Win” all the dancers were involved in contributing ideas and participating in the creative process.

The music, the clever choreography along with the engaging performance not only entertained Tweeny and I but has prompted further exploration into the programs offered at QL2. The vision and what I witnessed on the “For the Win” stage is very much in line with my desire as a parent to provide opportunities for Tweeny to experience personal growth and build confidence through performance arts (beyond just being drilled in learning a step and putting on a fancy costume). Fingers crossed they have some spots available in their classes!