Guinness World Record breaking Christmas lights

Dec 14, 2014

There are Christmas lights and then there are Guinness World Record breaking Christmas lights for the largest ever LED light image display. So which city holds that honour? Canberra does, right in the middle of the city!

Last weekend, the family and I wondered through the 1,194,380 LED light display at the record-breaking SIDS & Kids ACT Christmas Lights in the City; the results are magnificent.

There are two tunnels, each featuring a mesmerising light show set to music. Canberra’s iconic merry-go-round (which is a breathtaking sight in itself) decorated in 200,000 lights is set in the middle of the two tunnels.

We visited both tunnel displays and had a ride on the merry-go-round in between. Even though it was busy the evening we visited and we had a small wait for both the tunnels and the merry-go-round, there was a great community atmosphere throughout and I noticed a lot of singing and dancing along to the music playing. I am already planning a return trip (or two) because it is truly captivating and a little bit magical!

The display can be viewed daily from noon - midnight until the 1st of January (which just happens to be my birthday!) for a gold coin donation. All proceeds go to local Canberra charity SIDS and Kids ACT.

Event Information
Date:                Open daily from noon - midnight through the 1st of January 2015

Location:         Petrie Plaza , Civic Square , City Walk , Ainslie Place, City Walk, Canberra ACT

Cost:                 LED tunnel displays entry by a gold coin donation with all proceeds going to local Canberra charity SIDS and Kids ACT

                          Merry-Go-Round costs $3 per person